What is Social Bookmarking in SEO? (+9 High PR Sites)

Social Bookmarking in SEO: Thank you guys for landing on to this article. Here we’ll have a brief discussion on Social Bookmarking which might be helpful for SEO. So, without any further delay let’s get started.

What is Social Bookmarking in SEO?

To understand this, first let’s understand: What is Bookmarking?

Bookmarking is simply a task of tagging a webpage with a web-based tool so that you can easily access it later, or it is an action which instead of saving pages on a browser you save them on the web.


Social Bookmarking SEO 2019.

It is a way to bookmark favorite web pages online to read them anytime and anywhere if we are connected to the internet. Suppose you have bookmarked some of the pages in your browser to read them later on without connecting to the internet again. Now due to some reason, your Brower gets crashed or system gets formatted due to which you are not able to access your bookmarks. Then you have to again connect to the internet and search for the page. To overcome this problem social bookmarking is used. With the help of social bookmarking, you can access your saved bookmarked easily from any location using any computer which is connected to the internet.

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What is the Social Bookmarking Submission in SEO?

The procedure for saving URLs (links) on a social platform. The main idea is that they are public hence anybody can view them. They are actually saved for personal use but can be shared with someone this way it helps in bringing traffic to your website.

Importance of Social Bookmarking in SEO.

Social bookmarking drives the traffic to the blogs when a user on different social media sites share interesting videos and post with their friends. It is nothing but an online spot which helps you to operate on web pages. They are important because they help in improving traffic to your website. Social bookmarking sites helps potential customers find your business or service with ease. They help in content promotion and a huge amount of lead generation.

Social Bookmarking in SEO

Some of the Social Bookmarking SEO benefits:

  1. Social bookmarking sites are known to provide fresh content, hence search engines visit social bookmarking sites frequently and this way you can get backlinks and your links with being indexed fast by search engines.
  2. Improves online visibility: daily hundreds of people comes to these bookmarking websites hence these websites are one of the best platforms to promote your product.
  3. By submitting your website with do follow attribute can bring you a lot of backlinks.
  4. Using social bookmarking you can improve the PageRank and SERPs of the sites.
  5. Using social bookmarking you can get targeted traffic which will eventually help you to grow your brand.
  6. The more interesting stuff you post on these bookmarking sites, the better your chances of acquiring valuable traffic.
  7. Submitting your content or links on social bookmarking sites will help you to get links from diverse authority sites which will return to improve your own domain authority.
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List of some of the Social Bookmarking Sites.


How to do Social Bookmarking on Reddit?

Bookmarking on this website is not an easy task. You need to up-vote and re-submit others’ Reddi posts, this will help to gain karmas. Once you have gained sufficient karmas, you can submit your blog post on it. There are certain rules which you need to follow, read them carefully and start your work.

2. Mix.com

You need to first register. And then you can upload your blogs here. But only submission is not enough you need to develop a network in your niche.


It has a premium as well as free plans. Here you can manage multiple topics and you can even build a community. And in addition to this, you can even like comment and share others post.


Here in addition to bookmarking, you can discover content on any topic in a graphic format and it is too easy to use Pinterest.

In addition to this, there are few more website based on these fields such as.

  1. www.digo.com
  2. www.blicklist.com
  3. www.dzone.com
  4. www.plurk.com
  5. www.folkd.com etc.


Final Words

That’s all about Social Bookmarking and its effects in SEO. If you like this article (Social Bookmarking in SEO) from us let us know your thoughts in the comments section and feel free to share it with your friends.

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