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  1. The social share buttons are very important for growing traffic, but I have a doubt social share button increase website popularity or URL rating
    please answer me.

    1. Hi, Lokesh thanks for your comment!
      Since more & more people share your blog post by the help of social share buttons, thus it helps in improving popularity & hence rating.

  2. Very helpful post. I am unable to add my twitter handle to the shareaholic button after many attempts. Can you help? Or should I try some other platform? Which do you personally recommend?

    1. Hi thanks for your comment!

      You can do so by visiting your Shareaholic dashboard. Follow the below steps:

      1. Dashboard >> Apps >> Social >> Follow buttons

      2. Click on new in page app & fill your twitter username in the space provided.

      This is how you can add twitter handle to social media follow buttons.

      Hope it helps! If you have stilly any query left, kindly leave me an email at [email protected]

  3. Please with what you have shared now concerning the social share buttons, please which of this share buttons are good for newly built blog by blogger?

  4. Nice Blog i liked it very informative and given the proper knowledge to me and i just want add one thing if you guyz want social media tool which helps you to schedule your and also helps in analysis you can use cloudsocial.