Beginners guide to Blogger Post Editor

Writing a post that ranks top 10 in Google is only possible when you have a complete knowledge of post editor. Hey, this is Harish & today I am back with another post for Blogspot users. Today am gonna share with you a Beginners guide to blogger post editor. In my last post, I have discussed HTML basics every Blogger should know?

What is Blogger Post Editor?

Blogger post editor is a simple tool in Blogger dashboard which helps us to write new posts for our blog. Using Blogger post editor we can easily edit, design and publish a new post to our website or blog. In this beginners guide to blogger post editor, we learn various functions of Blogger post editor & know how to use them?

Important Parts: Post Title & Post Body

In the post title of Blogger post editor, we have to write the title of the post. For example, you can see the title of this post ( i.e. Beginners Guide to Blogger post Editor ). In the same way, you have to use post title for your blog post. The title of your blog post is such that readers can easily understand, what topic is going to be about?

In post body, you have to write all the content of your blog post. It must include headings, sub-headings, images, links etc.

Beginners guide to blogger post editor

Important Tools of Blogger Post Editor :

Beginners guide to blogger post editor

Here in the above image, you can see all the important tools of Blogger post editor. Well, these are also discussed below in the same manner :

1. Compose/HTML

In Blogspot, we can write blog posts in both Text & HTML. You can simply click on HTML to see HTML view of your blog post & back on compose to write your blog text. Also, you can use it to add affiliate codes and other HTML codes in your blog posts.

2. Undo/Redo

These are buttons used to Undo any of our last edit in Blogger post editor. Also, you can redo any edit using Redo button. The short key for Undo is Ctrl + Z and for Redo is Ctrl + Y. These buttons are very helpful if you write blog posts using your phone.

3. Font Family/Font-Size

You can easily use the font of your choice by selecting it from Font Family. Blogger comes with fonts like Arial, Courier, Helvetica, Times etc. The default font of your blog post is Arial.

Beginners guide to blogger post editor

Beginners guide to blogger post editor





If you want to decrease or increase font size, then you can easily do so by selecting the size of the font from Font Size.

4. Format

With the help of this tool, you can easily add Heading, Sub-Headings, Paragraphs, to your blog. Use of Headings & Sub-Headings makes your blog look beautiful.

Beginners guide to blogger post editor

5. Bold / Italic / Underline / Strikethrough

These are some common tools we use every day. Bold help us to increase the thickness of the text & make it look different and important ( e.g. Beginners guide to Blogger Post Editor ). Italic is used to make the text slant to the right ( e.g. Beginners guide to Blogger Post Editor ). Underline is used to underline any text ( e.g. Beginners guide to Blogger Post Editor ). And the last Strikethrough is used to cut the text. ( Beginner’s guide to Blogger Post Editor ).

6. Font Color / Text Background Color

Font color is used to change the color of the font/text ( e.g. font color ) and text background color is used to change the background color of the text.

Beginners guide to blogger post editor

                       Beginners guide to blogger post editor

7. Add or Remove Link

You can use this option to insert a hyperlink on your text. An example is shown below :
# 5 Best Books for Preparation of CDS

8. Insert Image / Insert a Video

Using Insert Image, we can easily add an image to our blog post. In order to upload an image, you have to click on the Insert image icon & then upload the image. You can upload images from your computer, an image URL or from Google Drive.

Using “Insert a Video”, you can add your videos by uploading them. You can also use YouTube videos on your blog.

9. Insert Special Character

Using this tool, you can easily insert special characters into your blog. It consists of a number of symbols, arrows etc. It helps a lot if you use special characters in your blog (e.g. λ, ∞, etc. ). This tool is very helpful if you use mathematics formulas & equations in your blog post.

Beginners guide to blogger post editor

You can easily search for any symbol by its name or by drawing that symbol.

10. Insert Jump Break

Jump break is used to break articles into two parts. It is basically used to show Read More after a little excerpt. We use Jump break in our post in order to show only a little excerpt of the post in homepage or feed. If the reader wants to read the complete post, then he can simply click on Read More to view complete post.

It makes blog posts look good in the Home Page & helps in giving a cool look to our blog.

11. Alignment / Numbered List / Bulleted List

We can easily align or arrange the text of our page toward left, right or center of the page using Alignment option. To use an ordered list of items in our blog, we use Numbered list & for using an unordered list we use Bulleted list. We can also easily create a list using HTML tags.

Beginners guide to blogger post editor

Check out this post of HTML tags for creating a list: HTML Basics every Blogger should know! 

12. Quote

Using Quote, you can easily write a quote on your blog post. The best example of the quote is given below:

Don’t stay in the bed, unless you make money in the bed.

You can easily create such quotes using this tool.

13. Remove Formatting

If you have done any type of formatting in the text of your blog ( e.g. Bold, Italic, Strikethrough etc.) then, you can easily remove all the formatting at once by using this tool. It can help you save a lot of your time.

14. Check Spellings

If you want to check whether whatever you have written has any error or mistake in spelling, then you can easily do so by clicking on this tool. It filters all your text and tells you whether all the words are correctly spelled or not.

15. Transliterate Words Typed Phonetically in English Script

This is an amazing tool in blogger. Suppose you want to write a post in Hindi, but you don’t know how to write in Hindi, then this tool works great for you. Using this tool you can type in English & write in any other language.

16. Left-to-Right / Right-to-Left

Suppose, you want to write a post from Right to left, so you can easily covert a “left to right post” to “Right to Left post” using this option.

Other Important tools of Blogger Post Editor

Some other important tools of Blogger post editor are as follows:

17. Labels

The label is another important tool of Blogger. You can add the category for your post using this option easily. Suppose you have written a post like “HTML Basics every blogger should know!” and want to add two categories to this post ( HTML, Blogger) then you have two add these two labels in the labels box separated by commas. You can add more categories too.

Beginners guide to blogger post editor

18. Schedule

If you want to schedule your blog post for a particular day or time, then you can easily do so by using Schedule option on Blogger.

Beginners guide to blogger post editor

19. Permalink

You can set permalink (or URL ) for your blog post using this tool. If you don’t use this tool blogger will automatically set the permalink for your post. I recommend you to set your own permalink. A good permalink is one which contains focus keywords.

Beginners guide to blogger post editor

20. Location

If you want to show your location in your blog post, then you can easily do so here. All you need is to search for your location & click on the DONE!Beginners guide to Blogger post Editor

21. Options

Here are some more options which can be used to allow or disallow comments on our post.

Beginners guide to Blogger post Editor

Publishing Tools of Blogger Post Editor

Here are some more tools which we can use in order to publish our blog post and make it visible to readers.

Beginners guide to Blogger post Editor

22. Publish

After clicking on Publish our post got published and can be visible in our blog.

23. Save

Using this button, we can save our blog post to Drafts. We can later edit or publish our blog posts in drafts.

24. Preview

We can easily see a preview of our post before publishing it using this option.

25. Close

After clicking on Close, the blogger post editor will be closed.

These are the 25 tools of Blogger post editor, which help us to edit or customize any blog post.

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I have discussed all the important parts of blogger post editor except Search Description. I wish to make a complete post on How to enable Search description in Blogger. Leave your valuable comments & suggestions in the comments section. In this post, I have covered a complete overview of Blogger post editor. In my next tutorial, I will discuss Step by step guide to set up the custom domain name in Blogger.


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