How to add Custom featured Image in Blogger? [Step-by-Step]

Have you ever thought, you (Blogspot users) can set a specific featured image on your blog posts? Well, the answer is Yes & today I am gonna share a complete guide on the same, i.e. how to add custom featured image in Blogger? After reading this easy to follow, guide you will be able to set […]

Use Click-to-Tweet on Blogger [Blogspot] : The Ultimate Guide

How many time you heard the quote, “Content Is King But Engagement Is Queen And The Lady Rules The House!“? Well, I have heard it a lot. This is true as just having a website with great content won’t be going to help you grow. Engagement plays a vital role in the success of any […]

How to add Paypal Donate button on Blogger (Step-by-step Guide)

Adding donate buttons to your blog can be a great way to make supplementary income when you are making no money at all. In this tutorial, I will discuss, how you can add PayPal donate button on blogger blog & ask your visitors to donate money. >> If you’re new to blogging & want to start your […]